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    Top 5 Must Haves for Spring Pussy Health

    Hello Everyone!

    Spring has officially sprung. I LOVE this time of year; the April showers and May flowers, everything comes to life. If you guys are anything like me, seasonal changes cause your body to go a little Cray-Cray. Especially for all of my fellow Spoonies/ Chronically Ill babes. Fortunately for you all, I’m going to share my top 5 must haves… my holy grail for maintaining a healthy and happy Yoni (vagina).

    #5: Alkaline Water

    WTF is Alkaline Water? It’s water with a higher pH. This water is believed to be better for you. Benefits include:

    • Boosts metabolism
    • Offers more minerals (calcium, sodium, magnesium)
    • Increases hydration
    • Improves circulation
    • Reduces acid refulx symptoms

    When you’re hydrated properly you look, feel, and smell better. In my personal experience, the occurrence of yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, vaginal odor, etc… were significantly lower when I traded soft drinks for Alkaline water.

    #4: Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

    ACV is a natural antibiotic and is strong enough to kill bacteria and viruses. This is my go-to for prevention of yeast infections, BV, headaches, itchy pussy, high blood pressure, everything. But be warned… this shit is STRONG. Do not just pour this on your Cooch, it will burn! Here are the simple diluted recipes :

    ACV Vaginal Rinse for Irritation/Odor/Discomfort:

    • 2 tablespoons of ACV
    • 1 cup of warm water

    ACV Drink Mix for BP, balance pH, weightloss:

    • 1 cap full of ACV
    • Bottle of water

    **Safe for consumption. Add honey and lemon for flavor**

    #3: Nature’s Life Acidophilus Liquid Probiotics

    This stuff is the goat. It helps maintain your daily digestive health and optimal intestinal balance and promotes overall immune health too. Read about the benefits here.

    #2: Coconut Oil

    Coconut oil is another staple product you may have lying around in the kitchen. Coconut oil contains lauric acid. It’s useful in fighting off bacteria, candida (yeast), and fungi. This is great light weight product for moisturizing all over during the spring time. It can also be used as a lubricant. Yes… you read correctly. Organic coconut oil is safe for the outside/inside of your yoni.

    **I personally use coconut oil daily or whenever I feel things getting “off-balance” down there. I also prefer using coconut oil with my Yoni Egg instead of traditional lubricants**

    #1: The Honey Pot Co. Products

    Forget Summer’s Eve or whatever crazy feminine wash the girls are using. The Honey Pot Co. is natural feminine care made my women! I was first introduced to this company while in college. This company was God sent. I’d just been diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis and my body was not happy with the new addition of steroids and drugs. This is the only products that prevented/eliminated my reoccurring BV and yeast infections.

    I love that:

    • Ingredients are 100% natural & powered by herbs
    • No toxic chemicals
    • They have 3 different systems to choose from

    Take a look at their Sensitive and Mommy-to-be systems here.

    The Normal System

    Normal Wash– Light, fragrant smell. I personally think it smells like tangerines. Vinegar is also an ingredient, but the smell isn’t crazy powerful. I avoid using a luffa or rag but pump the wash into my hands and lather. No tingles, burning or itching when I use.

    Normal Wipes– Slightly stronger smell, but it’s pleasant. The wipes are super moist and saturated. I use to remove makeup, wipe under my arms, etc… They don’t irritate me at all.

    Lavendar Refreshing Panty Spray– The perfect refresher on a sunny day. It smells amazing, fast drying, and easy to carry in your purse.

    Overall these products are amazing! I feel fresh hours after showering, no weird odors, and I’m practicing the highest form of self-love. The Honey Pot Co. is absolutely deserving of the top 1 spot for Spring Pussy Health Must-Haves.

    Feel free to drop some of your must-have products below in the comment section, SUBSCRIBE, and share this post (:

    Thanks for reading

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