Chronically Flourishing

Chronically Flourishing Series

People look at me and the first thing they say is “you don’t look sick”.

Like am I suppose to walk around looking like shit because I feel like shit? (I mean seriously). Am I not suppose to put on makeup, wear nice clothes, look presentable in spite of everything?

My life does not stop for my illness. It continues and I intend to live my absolute best life. For the entire month of August, I will be sharing some of my tips, stories, advice, etc… to keep you all chronically flourishing with me.

Illness happens but life does not have to stop.


I look good because I feel good. Seriously, you can catch me on my worst day in the hospital and STILL see a smile on my face. I hate when people tell me “It could always be worse”, but I really am blessed and know it could be worse so… I smile

What is this Chronically Flourishing series all about?

If you’re anything like me you’re skeptical of anything you see online claiming to change your life. I’m not claiming that this series will do all of that. My goals are simple:

Share with the world how I flourish in the face of adversity, provide you all with some resources to assist, and tell some funny stories along the way

Thank you so much for reading.

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