Crystal Healing for Chronic Illness

You read the title and you’re probably sitting there thinking “Wow, Ash has completely lost her shit”. Don’t worry, I haven’t. Crystal gemstones and I have been close since I was very young. They’re not a new occurrence in my life, I’ve simply embraced their healing properties and would now like to share with my online friends and family.

My History with Stones

I’ve loved crystal gemstones for as long as I can remember. My grandmother came from a long line of Native Americans. Nature and animals are kind of important in their culture. I kept my love for crystals hidden, only because I didn’t want to be talked about and called a witch.  

What are Crystals?

Rose Quartz, Sodalite, and Rhodocrosite
Amazonite in middle

Nature has several healing abilities. Crystal gems happen to harness that healing ability and can be used as an alternative form of medicine. Crystals are not a new trend or something cool that’s hit the millennials. They have been around since the beginning of time. Don’t believe me? You can crack open an old history book and find documentation of people in ancient times wearing these stones from the Earth. For example, clear quartz is worn for protection.

Lets Talk Vibrations

Clear Quartz Necklace

Healing crystals harness the life-giving elements of Earth and the Universe. With the help of the Sun and Moon, these rocks connect us to the Earth. This is because crystals come from the Earth, they’re tangible, and they have powerful vibrations.

Vibrations emitted by crystal gemstones create energy that we can connect to when wearing or holding crystals near your skin. They amplify positive vibrations (aka vibes). All crystals have very high and precise vibrations. It’s believed that illness and disease are created when energy pathways on the body are blocked. Chinese medicine acknowledges energy and vibrations when treating patients, unlike Western cultures that fail to recognize the healing ability of crystals.

Harmonious Living

Chakra bracelet

Crystals emit their vibrations and create balance… harmonious living. It’s achieved with the balancing of your chakras. Chakras… another cool term you’ve probably heard on Naruto or from your Yoga instructor. Chakra refers to the “circular vortexes” of energy that are placed in 7 different points on the body. These chakras distribute life energy. If one of the seven chakras are out of whack, disrupted, or damaged it can cause problems emotionally or physically.

You can read more about the 7 Chakras HERE

Personal Experience

It’s no surprise that I have had positive experiences with crystals. I suffer from insomnia and night terrors frequently. I visited my next door neighbor (her crystal collection was amazing!)

Raw Rose Quartz

I could literally feel the buzzing of great vibrations around me. I told her about the pain and how I had trouble sleeping and she gifted me with two raw Rose Quartz stones. She restored my love for crystals.

I place the stones under my pillow at night and sleep like a baby. In no way am I saying that crystals have cured me of Myasthenia. The crystals help me survive the uncomfortable symptoms of my disease. But honestly seeing is believing. Try buying some of your own crystals.

What Crystals Do I Have?

  • Rhodochrosite– brings the most healing medicine of all- unconditional love. If you find yourself crying on the bathroom floor and suffering from heartbreak this is the stone for you.
  • Amethyst– Can purify auras of negative energies or attachments. Known for protection and stimulate sleep and relaxation.  
  • Lapis Lazuli– Wisdom and awareness. High vibrational energy that brings about enlightenment in pursuit of your true destiny.
  • Black Obsidian– Assists with cutting the stress and negative patterns and energy out of your life. Absorbs toxic energy and makes you super self-aware.
  • Clear Quartz– The diva of all crystals. It’s a universal healer that links all chakras to create balance. Clear quartz also brings clarity to shadows within the mind.

Read all about crystals and their healing meanings HERE

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