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“Locs” Not Dreads Please

Call me petty, but I get offended when people refer to my locs as dreads/ dreadlocks. If you’re not a person of color or don’t have thick 4c kinks/3a curls; you probably never paid attention to the terms.

Here’s Why I Get Offended:

The terms “Dreads” or “Dreadlocks” have a negative connotation. This is due to the history behind locs. Rastafarianism is a religion that began in Jamaica in the 1920s. Rastafarianism includes ideologies similar to Marxism and Socialism. During this time religions other than Christianity were seen as a threat. (Click here to read all about). Warriors were killed because of their hair. It was considered to be disgusting and dreadful.

People associate “dread” and descriptors like “disturbing”and “criminal” with locs. Examples of this happening mainstream:
Giuliana Rancic vs. Zendaya(Click Here to read)


Zendaya rocked faux (fake) locs to a red carpet event. Rancic made comments saying the young actress/singer looked like she “smells like patchouli oil. Or, weed.” (I refuse to watch E! Television because of that ignorant statement).

Ignorance the state or fact of being ignorantlack of knowledge, education, or awareness.


The word ignorant is misused so often. It simply means that a person lacks knowledge or awareness. People are sometimes just ignorant to certain subjects. I completely understand. In today’s society, we take the extra initiative to use a person’s correct pronouns; the same respect should be applied to locs. This does not include the older generations of people of color who refer to locs as dreads/dreadlocks out of habit or upbringing (It’s like my mom insisting on calling weed reefer“.

What do my locs mean to me?

I care about my crown. My locs represent my commitment, dedication, wokeness, spirituality, and the love I have for myself. I do not find anything dreadful about my hair. Loc’ing my hair is the best hair decision I’ve ever made. I feel so free. Waking up I’m not worrying about having a “good hair day”. My locs are always on point.

Questions for readers:

  1. If you have locs do you prefer the term locs or dreads/dreadlocks?
  2. If you don’t have locs, do you find yourself associating negative attributes to individuals that wear locs?

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