Rants by Ash

My Blue Spot

I park in the handicapped parking spots now. All of the medications I take, mood changes, temperature changes (hot or cold extremes), etc…trigger my MG. This summer has been a hot one. Walking from my car to the front door of a store is unnecessary torture I refuse to inflict on myself. I park in the handicap spots at the very front.

To the nosey old lady who mean-mugged me at the Family Dollar: “You don’t know my life! Give me all the nasty looks your heart desires, BUT I’m still parking here ma’am”

My body does not operate at 100%, hell I’m a strong 60% on a good day. I am disabled. I shouldn’t get dirty looks or weird stares when I whip my car into that blue spot.

Either I park in this spot OR I can faint in this parking lot? You choose…

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