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Welcome to Ashley’s Anatomy!

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Hello and welcome!

I’ve wanted to start this blog for a while now. At first, I didn’t feel comfortable being so open. Naturally, I am a very private person and the thought of sharing my truths for others to comment on makes me uneasy….still does BUT shortly after being diagnosed I quickly realized that people are ignorant aF.

Ignorance is not knowing what you don’t know so I figured, “Why not educate people instead Ash”. The average person who didn’t major in science or some health-related field won’t know about this stuff. Unless they’ve had a chronically ill family member or friend; this isn’t something that crosses the average person’s mind. I am dealing with much more than most people are able to even comprehend and that’s okay.

I promise throughout this journey to remain:

  • Honest
  • Transparent
  • Patient

I’m not looking for anyone’s sympathy, “Hope you feel better”, or any of that. I’m here to give people an insight… rather a glimpse into how it is living with an autoimmune disease. The good/bad/ugly.

I’m here for the countless of other Spoonies that are probably lying in bed searching for answers or someone who gets it. I’m here for the newly diagnosed, the single twenty-something’s, chronically fatigued, chronically stressed, etc... I’m praying that my experiences and tips can help someone who’s going through hell.

I hope that this blog helps YOU because I’m finding this cathartic already.

Welcome to Ashley’s Anatomy

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