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Can CBD Really Help Period and Menstrual Cramps?

Description: It’s becoming more and more well-known that CBD is an excellent treatment of inflammation in the body. So, it’s no surprise that CBD for menstrual cramps is becoming a common suggestion.

For some women, ‘’that time of the month’’ can be quite simply – debilitating. Their period can be characterized by a throbbing abdomen, unrelenting stomach pains, often coupled with depression, anxiety, and wide-ranging mood swings. With its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD for menstrual cramps has become a suggestion.

Products containing CBD for pain relief from a multitude of dermatological conditions and mental stresses are spreading like wild-fire across the Internet. Although CBD for menstrual cramps is not a new suggestion, it’s just becoming commonly known. But how does it really work – for period pain and mental pain? Let’s take a closer look.

How To Use CBD Oil For Pain Relief (Physical)

So, CBD for menstrual cramps can best be applied to the lower back region and around your ovaries using a CBD topical solution. So that means creams and salves –  which only take a few moments to apply. This is one of the best ways for how to stop menstrual cramps fast

If you’re suffering from swollen and tender breasts during your cycle, the same topical solution for menstrual cramps can also be applied to this region of the body to help soothe the inflammation.

How To Use CBD Oil For Pain Relief (Mental) 

As it is often mentioned at a site like CBD Healthy Line, CBD is also fantastic for dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, and mood disorders. For mental pain relief, an oral solution, like a CBD oil under the tongue, or some small flavored gummies will be a better idea than a topical application. You can even add some to a smoothie in the morning or to a hot drink before bed. 

CBD Oil For Pain Dosage 

What is the correct dosage of CBD for menstrual cramps? This is a common question, however, there is NO real answer. Remember, CBD oil is not a ‘’big pharma’’ medicine. It’s plant-based nutrition. You’ll need to follow the guidelines of the particular product to determine what the correct dosage of CBD for menstrual cramps is. 

We will also say, though – because it is plant-based nutrition, you should not be fearful of using a larger dosage. Through trial-and-error, you’ll eventually work out what YOUR correct personal dosage is, in terms of CBD for menstrual cramps treatment.

How Long Does It Take For CBD Oil To Work For Pain

It’s another understandable question because when you’re gripped in the throes of a crippling period, you just want pain relief! The answer to this question is: it depends. But don’t worry, we’re not talking ‘’hours’’ here. A topical CBD for menstrual cramps solution – like cream or salve – may begin to soothe skin tenderness almost immediately. To absorb into the body, where it can relieve internal period pains, it may take a few minutes.

If you’re taking an oral CBD solution, in the form of oil under the tongue or perhaps some gummies, then it might take 30 minutes to an hour to relieve you of a nauseous feeling or calm your stress and anxiety.

CBD For Menstrual Cramps  – Can It Really Work?

The reason why many people doubt is that CBD is not ‘’big pharma’’. We’ve grown up in a western society where we believe only ‘’big pharma’’ is REAL medicine, and everything else is hocus-pocus. Just remember, ‘’big pharma’’ is a business tool, and businesses need to make profits. So don’t believe everything you hear from that side of the fence.

As an alternative treatment, CBD for menstrual cramps is starting to produce some positive testimonials from women using it all over the world. As plant-based nutrition, it has a number of healing properties on the body. We can’t say any more than this, and we advise you to consult with your doctor before self-treating any medical conditions.

So what do you think? CBD for menstrual cramps – can it really help? If so, what forms of CBD have you found the most effective? CBD oil under the tongue to help reduce anxiety or nausea? Or a topical solution around the lower back to treat period pains?

Author’s Bio: Chele is a Midwife nurse with 10 years of experience. She writes about alternative solutions to common pains and infections, including CBD for menstrual cramps, and publishes her thoughts on her blog. Chele lives with her husband and two dogs, Harry & Larry in Manchester, UK.

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    I have been struggling a lot with PMS pain. I will definitely try CBD and monitor the results!

    May 23, 2020 at 11:39 pm
    • Reply Ash

      Thanks for reading! Hope it works wonders for you

      May 24, 2020 at 12:04 am

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