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What are Spoonies?

Spoonies refer to a group of individuals that have a chronic illness (i.e. Autoimmune Disease). This term comes from Christine Miserandino’s essay called The Spoon Theory.

Spoons are used to represent finite units of “energy” required to complete activities. I use the Spoon Theory to explain my capacity and energy level to the people in my life. It’s an easier way for my loved ones to understand my limitations. In the past, people didn’t understand the gravity of my fatigue when I said I was simply “tired”.

While the average person may have a countless supply of spoons, a Spoonie may have half of that amount. This is in part due to the tremendous amount of energy a Spoonies’ body uses to maintain a balance.

The idea behind the Spoon Theory is that with each task there is a required amount of energy aka Spoons. Let’s take showering for example. I remember using minimal effort to shower before my diagnosis. Life with chronic illness now makes me highly aware of my limitations. I require more “spoons” to stand and bathe myself.

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