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Zula Essentials CBD Oil Review

Does it get you high? What are the benefits? How does it make you feel?

So I tried CBD oil from Zula Essentials for 14 days and I have the results for you all. Before I get into the amazing details of this product, I have to provide some background information for my readers that aren’t so familiar with CBD. All information can be found by visiting Zula Essentials Here

Introducing Zula Essentials

Zula Essentials is the premier CBD wellness brand for women who want to make wellness and self care a priority. The mission and vision for Zula Essentials is to help women lead a more harmonious life through the use of CBD and to become an internationally respected brand.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD, stands for Cannabidiol. It is an ingredient found in industrial hemp and cannabis. CBD is a chemical compound from the Cannabid sativa plant and it’s a naturally occurring substance that’s used in products such as oils.

So I won’t get high?

No, BUT there are a ton of benefits to using CBD Oil. Just to list a few:

  • Manage pain
  • Promote bone health
  • Improve quality of sleep
  • Improve heart health
  • Deter neurodegenerative diseases

How to take CBD Oil

Take a dropper full of your CBD oil and place it under your tongue and hold for 30 – 60 seconds. Doing this helps the CBD oil to absorb into your bloodstream sublingually and it will do so faster.

My personal experience with Zula Essentials’ CBD Oil:

I started off by taking a dropper of CBD oil during the day when I felt myself getting anxious. I suffer from anxiety and often catch myself going 1,000 miles a minute when I’m unmedicated. After 2 or 3 doses I noticed the CBD oil would make me sleepy. These side effects were great because I also struggle with sleep at night. I adjusted my dosing to taking at night time before bed.

The first night I tried this method I slept throughout the entire night uninterrupted! This is huge for a person that suffers from insomnia. I also noted a refreshed feeling, you know the feeling you have after you get a really good nights sleep. I have been able to stop taking my sleeping medication (Trazodone).

How does it taste?

It tastes like nothing with a hint of mint. Seriously, I’ve tried other oils in the past and stopped on day 2 when I realized the taste was too much for me. Zula Essentials formula isn’t fragrant, heavy tasting, or unpleasant to take. This is another huge plus.

Did it help with your pain?

I’ve had open-chest surgery in the past. I’m left with a visible scar that runs down the center of my chest. I’m often uncomfortable and aching in this specific area, so much that I rarely sleep on my chest or back. Taking Zula Essentials’ CBD oil has helped to alleviate the pain. I am able to lie on my chest and back almost pain-free now. I’ve also noticed the side effects from my other prescribed medications have subsided when I take the CBD oil. Some side effects include nausea, vomiting, lack of appetite, dizziness, and muscle aches.

Overall, what are your thoughts?

All in all, I believe that this stuff works! I’m just excited to continue this journey and see what another 14 days bring. I’ve been experimenting with taking the CBD oil 30 minutes before I work out to make exercising pain-free. I keep a journal to help track my symptoms and CBD effects accurately. I’m still doing my experiment but will make sure to update you guys on my next 2-week post for Zula Essentials. I hope the information provided in this post was helpful.

How can you find Zula Essentials?


Instagram: @ZulaEssentials

For daily updates and progress, follow me on Instagram at:

How has CBD oil changed your life? Tell me in the comment section below.

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