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Spoonie Guide to Surviving Summer Heat

Welcome back to Ashley’s Anatomy and hello summer heat. Smh.

I’m located in Georgia and the temperatures have been as high as 99 degrees, not even halfway into the summer yet. I can’t make it to the grocery store lobby without breaking a sweat. If you’re a Spoonie, you can probably relate. Luckily for you, I’ve put together a list of tips to help you survive this summer heat. Hope that they help!

Drink Up!

As annoying as this sounds, staying hydrated will help your body stay cool. It’s recommended that a person drink 8 glasses of water or 2 Liters in a day. The body is roughly around 60% water so it only makes sense to drink plenty of it.

Click here to read all about your water intake

Ice, Ice Baby

I carry around a little ice pack (think it came from my lunch box). It comes in handy when I’m attending events people host outside or while I’m walking around in a hot clothing store.


This is obviously my favorite way to cool down and beat this summer heat. You can purchase a 100-pack of at home/freezer ready ice pops at the Dollar Store or nearest grocery store for a little to nothing. I think it’s a great alternative to chomping on actual ice cubes, but hey! I’m not knocking your preference.

Throw ‘em in the fridge

Before bedtime, try cooling off sheets by placing them into the fridge or the freezer. When you’re ready for bed, throw your sheets back on and get some rest. I know it sounds crazy, but it works! Usually, the house is pretty hot while the sun is up and it takes time for everything to cool off. Chilling your sheets gives you a head start and hopefully prevent night time sweats and chills.

Catch Some of Zzzz’s

Speaking of sleep, it’s important that you get plenty of it during the hot season. Your body needs water and it also needs sleep to refresh, reset, and replenish. If you are not sleeping well, you are not allowing your body an opportunity to restart.


Wear cotton or breathable clothing when you’re out and about. It also helps if clothes are loose fitting/ don’t cling to the skin.

Frozen Grapes

I know this tip is random, but frozen grapes actually cool you off super fast. Simply pop some of your favorite grapes into a ziplock bag or Tupperware container into the freezer. Let the grapes freeze for about an hour or two and enjoy. I carry my frozen grapes along to outdoor cookouts and gatherings in my purse.

Wet the Sheets

Ehhh. This is my “In Case of Emergency” go to tip for hot ass days. Before going to sleep you can lay down towels to protect your mattress, lay down, and cover yourself with a wet sheet that’s soaked in cold water. It sounds uncomfortable, I know, but it’s quite effective. Only use in extremely hot temperatures or when the A/C is broken.

Take a Cold One

Strip down and take a cold shower or bath. When I’ve just been awakened by nighttime sweats or it’s too hot and sticky, I’ll take a cold shower. When the cold water hits my skin it feels like heaven. I only stay in the shower for about a minute or two and I hop out. Fun fact: cold showers are healthier for your skin.

Soak ‘em

Soak your feet in ice. When your feet hit the ice water, you’ll hear a slight simmer (just kidding). Your feet and neck are the places that provide almost immediate relief when hot/cold. An intense cold shock to the feet should help you cool down fast.

These are just a few of my tips I use to stay cool during the fiery months of summer. I hope they help you all!

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-Ash out

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